ECOWEEK is an international non-governmental non-profit organization with the mission to raise awareness on environmental issues, Climate Change and to promote the principles of Sustainability. Established in Greece in 2005, ECOWEEK is active in more than 15 countries. ECOWEEK NET has a Network of students and young professionals in 54 countries.

ECOWEEK runs design programs hosted by universities, municipalities, and institutions around the world, emphasizing the principles of education, co-operation and sustainable design. ECOWEEK programs are inspired by the vision of Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy to empower young professionals to benefit their communities. Thus ECOWEEK workshops very often take the form of hands-on design-build projects which, in addition to their educational and training value, leave a positive impact on the ground.

ECOWEEK is celebrating 10 years of activity! ECOWEEK has organized or co-organized in 12 countries, in 23 cities around the world, 25 international conferences and more than 200 sustainable design workshops for more than 4,000 students of architecture, landscape architecture,engineers and design. In addition, ECOWEEK has organized or co-organized exhibitions, lectures, panel discussions, eco-festivals, and informal educational activity for the general public, numerous film screenings - including in more than 50 public schools, and 2 international young designers' competitions.

We look forward to growing our activity together! Join us!

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11 July 2016


ECOWEEK took place for the first time in Agios Nikolaos in Crete in Greece on July 3 - 10. It included lectures, design and design-build workshops on sustainable design and Architecture, films, site visits, and more. Students worked with experts on designing real sites in the city, some of which were implemented or will be implemented in the near future. Students also worked on real sites using ecological construction methods and materials and up-cycled existing materials salvaged from storage rooms and backyards. more

30 April 2016

ECOWEEK The BOOK#1 : 50 Voices for Sustainability - READ PART 2!

The second part of ECOWEEK Book is out, ready and available to read online. Don't miss now and pre-order your own copy! A compilation of 50 articles by leading architects, landscape architects, designers, environmental leaders, and educators from 15 countries, all past speakers and workshop leaders of ECOWEEK. Among them BIG, Jourda, Kere, Kuma, Sorkin and others. more

2 April 2016

ECOWEEK 2016 in Agios Nikolaos, Crete GREECE - Early Registration Open!

Join ECOWEEK for the first ECOWEEK international conference and sustainable design workshops in Agios Nikolaos in Crete in Greece on 27/6-2/7. A rare occasion to combine vacation with learning and outdoor activity, including hands-on design-build workshop with alternative materials for small scale structures in the city. Limited places. Early registration open. more

12 March 2016

ECOWEEK 2014-2015 CATALOGUE in Prishtina Kosovo is ready!

View the new ECOWEEK 2014-2015 Catalogue of the ECOWEEK workshops on sustainable design in Pristhina, Kosovo. Edited by the team of architect Argjira Krasniqi. more

27 February 2016

ECOWEEK joins 92Y SEVEN DAYS OF GENIUS with events in Greece, Israel, Romania and Bosnia-Herzegovina in March!

ECOWEEK joins 92Y in New York and its partners around the globe to host conversations, dialogues, workshops and lectures on 'genius' projects on the theme DESIGN FOR SOCIAL GOOD. During this week, ECOWEEK and its partners, are hosting 1-day events to present and share ideas by young and established innovators, entrepreneurs, architects, designers, landscape architects and researchers, in Athens (5/3) and Thessaloniki (7/3) in Greece, Jerusalem (8/3) in Israel, Bucharest (10/3) in Romania and Sarajevo (11/3) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Join us! more

30 November 2015

ECOWEEK The BOOK#1 : 50 Voices for Sustainabilty - Pre-Order on #GIVING TUESDAY and save!

If you have thought of ordering the ECOWEEK The Book#1 now is the right time to do so! ECOWEEK has joined #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving that harnesses the collective power of individuals, communities and organizations to celebrate generosity worldwide.
ECOWEEK The Book#1: 50 Voices for Sustainability
features leading voices in sustainable design, environmental leadership and more!
Pre-Order your signed copy now and save! #Giving Tuesday makes your order more affordable and the message of sustainability more powerful! Join us! Click here to pre-order your signed copy!

07 November 2015

ECOWEEK The BOOK#1 : 50 Voices for Sustainability - Be the first to read it!

The first ECOWEEK Book is in progress! A compilation of 50 articles by leading architects, landscape architects, designers, environmental leaders, and educators from 15 countries, all past speakers and workshop leaders of ECOWEEK. Among them BIG, Jourda, Kere, Kuma, Sorkin and others. more

07 November 2015

ECOWEEK 2015 in Thessaloniki, Greece - First 3-d Printed Violin Performed

ECOWEEK 2015 in Thessaloniki opened on Monday 2 November with the attendance of more than 200 participants and experts from Greece, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Germany, Spain, Kosovo, and Liechtenstein. Together with lectures on good practices examples from around Europe, the film 'The Secret Life of Materials' was shown and a surprise performance of the first 3-d printed violin, based on nanotechnology, was performed by Greek violinist Konstantinos Pavlakos (photo). Watch video on violin here | ECOWEEK 2015 in Thessaloniki website | View photos
| View press release

11 August 2015

ECOWEEK welcomes a new collaboration with SKETCHUP!
SKETCHUP the most intuitive and easy to learn and use 3-d software is supporting ECOWEEK Workshops with Pro licenses for fully-operational software during the ECOWEEK Workshops. For easy 3-d models that make the ECOWEEK proposals easier to communicate!

11 August 2015

ECOWEEK welcomes collaboration with DETAIL magazine!
DETAIL the portal for architecture and construction: news, trends and inspiration for architects and structural engineers joins ECOWEEK activity in Thessaloniki! ECOWEEK participants will get free access to the DETAIL INSPIRATION online database for architects, including about 2,400 DETAIL projects from over 30 years.

Read about ECOWEEK

The ECOWEEK 2013 catalogue including projects in the Middle East - Tel Aviv, Azaryia, and Bat Yam - and a complication of ECOWEEK workshop and GREENHOUSE projects since 2009 in Athens, Thessaloniki, Milano, Rome, Krakow, Belgrade, Jerusalem, Azaryia, Al-Wallajeh, Tiberias, Tel Aviv, Holon, Rishon, and more cities around the world. Read online

ECOWEEK is a partner in the EU Program:

A World You Like with a Climate You Like
ECOWEEK is an official partner in the new EU initiative for Climate Change launched in London on October 8, 2012. "Our ambition for a low-carbon society is not some distant future. It's all about jobs now. It's about the innovation and competitiveness which we can harness today for a better tomorrow' said Connie Hedegaard, EU Commissioner for Climate Action. Read more

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Ecoweek - conference & workshops Thessaloniki
Ecoweek - conference & workshops Thessaloniki
Ecoweek - conference & workshops Thessaloniki
Ecoweek - conference & workshops Thessaloniki
Ecoweek - conference & workshops Thessaloniki
Ecoweek - conference & workshops Thessaloniki
Ecoweek - conference & workshops Thessaloniki
Ecoweek - conference & workshops Thessaloniki


ECOWEEK - New Nordic Living Feedback video
ECOWEEK - New Nordic Living Interview with Architect Daniel Pearl (Canada)
ECOWEEK - New Nordic Living Opening video
ECOWEEK in the Middle East Video
  Watch more videos here


"To reach sustainability we need to transform thinking. ECOWEEK is the way to go.

Jean Robert Mazaud, S'PACE Architecture

"ECOWEEK is a green adventure, to open up our imaginations and allow us to design great and gorgeous cities for people.

Marta Pozo, MVRDV

We are very excited to work on a real project. This is what makes the philosophy of ECOWEEK so interesting and the students' work so rigorous.

Elena Barthel, RURAL STUDIO

ECOWEEK is like a bridge between academia and reality!

Prof. Th. Stasinopoulos, Izmir University of Economics Faculty of Architecture

"Keep up the great work ECOWEEK!

Edward A., The Office for Planning and Architecture Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Area Architecture & Planning - ECOWEEK 2012 Rome participant

ECOWEEK has truly made a difference in our lives and our profession! :)
"I cannot go back to normal, mentally I am still on ECOWEEK! It was so amazing!

"I found about ECOWEEK through Google search. What attracted me to ECOWEEK was that it offered an alternative from other conferences.

"I encourage you to do the work you are doing to change people's minds (you changed mine!). I am so grateful to have attended ECOWEEK!

"ECOWEEK was unforgettable! I wish it would never end!

ECOWEEK conferences and workshops offer opportunities for team-work, network, 'green' design, and real projects.

"My experiece at the workshop was very good! I learned about working with other people!

"ECOWEEK brings together people who want to go beyond restrictions!

"The experience at ECOWEEK was very interesting and I learned a lot from the lectures during all the week and also from the others students. I 'love' this kind of interaction between international people who have the same vision, but different ways of achieving it.


One of the best programs for students!